Maintaining Your Heating And Cooling System

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As with almost every working object in the world from the car you drive to work to your own body, regular maintenance is needed to ensure maximum efficiency and a long working life time. A breakdown in a system tends to be more of a headache and also most of time is more expensive than the preventive maintenance carried out. Any person working in the service industry will tell you that carrying out regular maintenance is also much better for the system than repairing it every time a breakdown occurs. There are various methods and techniques that can be done to maintain any object.

Regular maintenance of the air conditioning system is required to ensure that it works as hard as possible while using the least amount of power that it can. Studies have proven that not maintaining your air conditioning system has led to a steady and gradual decrease in air conditioning performance. The same study has also brought to light the fact that while this happens the power consumed by the air conditioning system has gradually increased. Experts recommend first and foremost cleaning or sometimes even replacing the filters present in an air conditioning system.

Air filters present in the air conditioning system gradually get clogged over time and blocks the air supply forcing the system to work harder. Air that actually passes through the filter will drag with it dirt and dust directly in to the air conditioner which can have adverse effects on your system. By referring to the manual or doing a quick research on the internet will tell you where the air filter of your particular air conditioning system is located. Certain models of filters available in the market are reusable but some cannot be replaced and instead will require a brand new filter.

Evaporator coils are another component that requires regular cleaning and maintenance. Dirt accumulates on the evaporator coil over time and this is known to affect the airflow reduces the amount of heat it can absorb. It is recommended that you check your evaporator coil once a year and clean or replace as necessary. Evaporator coils kept outside are even more likely to get dirty if the surrounding environment is dirty or dusty. Make efforts to keep the area around condenser unit clean and dust free for at least 1m around the unit to ensure clean and adequate air. There are electrical contractors who can be hired to do regular air conditioning services.

The company will check on your air conditioning system every few months and do the necessary maintenance required. They will also give you necessary advice on good electrician what to do and what habits you should drop. By following them you can increase the efficiency of your system and keep it running for longer.