Beautify your Garden

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When you hire a landscaping company to freshen up and beautify your garden, the price they give rarely includes removing any stumps. That ugly and tiring work is left up to the house owner. Anyone who has tried to remove a tree stump will tell you it is no walk in the park. It’s a task that will take the better half of your day and force you to pick up that old axe and shovel in the back of your shed.

A chainsaw would usually make the job easier but it is not a common tool in most homes and hiring one will cause cost you some extra bucks too, but if you’re insistent you can find plenty of them online at web sites like eBay for reasonable prices. If you’re looking for brand new chain saws, Amazon offers an array of them. But even with the use of them, it’s still a hectic task and you will typically be left with a whole wide enough for a tiny car, which is sure to be an eyesore for anyone who glances at your garden and can be potential hazard for anyone walking around too.

Thankfully with the technological advancements of our age, a machine has been invented just to solve this dilemma. A stump grinder is a power instrument that uses a revolving cutting disc which wears away the timber to remove tree stumps. They vary in sizes; they can be small as a grassland mower or as hefty as a wagon. A typical machine like this has a cutter roll that has immovable carbide teeth imbedded in it and the cutter roll movements are well-ordered by hydraulic chambers, which power the cutter head obliquely over the stump. The more powerful types can completely annihilate the tree stumps right up to the roots in mere seconds. They usually attached to tractors, back hoes and similar construction equipment.

Normal grinders with discs and teeth destroy the first 20 to 25cm of the tree stumps, but vertical grinders destroy up to 150cm of the stump, ensuring that the plant never grows back, saving you a lot of time and effort of redoing this lengthy process. These power tools must be handled with care. Always make sure you are wearing adequate eye and hearing protection. While operating the machine, be close to the control panel at all times and stay a safe distance away from the cutting wheel. Ensure that the rental dealer properly explains the controls and shows you how to operate the machine safely. For more information, please visit