There are various makeup techniques that when done correctly will make you look amazing. Indeed, your makeup can help you create a masterpiece with practice. For example, you can use the eye shadow palette more than just putting colors to your eyelids. There are tricks that you can try to make sure that the cat eyes are on fleek each time you go at work. Even if you are pro or a beginner, the hacks included below will always be useful in your journey. Indeed, it is best to use your makeup in various ways. Here are the tips that will make you be at your best all the time:


If you want to have plump eyelashes, you can apply baby powder and mascara. You can also try the mink false eyelashes. With this, your lashes can look dramatic at every party you attend. There is also a tip to have perfect eyelashes in an instant. Try using high-quality false eyelashes for your eyes.

But before you put your best false eyelashes Australia, heat it with the hairdryer and curl. Put the dryer on low heat only to avoid burns.


The primer and foundation must complement each other. They must share the same base to prevent one from sliding off the face. If the primer is oil-based, the foundation must be oil-based too. If the foundation is water-based, the primer must be water-based too. With this, blending will be easier. Furthermore, dab some primer around the eyes to cover the crow’s feet.


To have sheer coverage as you put your foundation, try using your fingers. If you wish to have full coverage, you can use your foundation brush. Use the downward strokes in applying the foundation. There is a thin layer of hair in the face, and if you apply foundation using upward strokes, the hair strands will stand out. The goal is to look pink and fresh, not highlighting the peach fuzz.


Many people are used in applying the concealer in a semi-circular technique under the eyes. It is believed that this technique will avoid the appearance of puffy eyes. But for best results, apply the concealer under the eyes in a conical pattern. Extend it at areas where the nose ends. Concealer can hide the unwanted skin at your face. With this technique, blending and contouring will be easier at the sides of the nose. Furthermore, you may also try using colored concealers. Green concealers can be used to hide the skin’s redness. Lavender is used for skin discoloration. Meanwhile, blue is used to hide the eye circles and peach is to hide the bruises. But if you are saving money, you can mix the eyeshadow with the concealer.

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