Ningaloo reefs are very popular for their expertise in organizing and conducting whale shark swims and Exmouth dives at the centre.Swim with whale sharks at Ningalooreefcan entertain and host a group of 10 swimmers at a timewith cool whale shark diving experience. Ningaloo, Broome along with the carol bays and Exmouth are always the visit locations bymany adventurous and tourists from all over the world.These places offer the ethereal experience to travel through water with the largest shark in the world without getting hurt.

Swim with whale sharks at Ningaloo reef

Whale sharks are mistaken to be a dangerous water animal owing to its humongous appearance.They are 12-18m long with an age span of near 100 years. These sharks are fish feeders which are habitual to come on the reef surface of Ningaloo and Exmouth during the month of March to September to feed on spawns.Within this limited winter season in Western Australia, swims with whale sharks in exmouth  are conducted with swimmers across the globe.It can be small to large event depending upon the number of attendants.

Swim with whale sharks at Ningaloo reef is done with proper rules and regulations to make the swim smooth and harmless. The departure to the end of swim session everything is pre-planned in a balance order. Once the swimmers are set to the spot in a jetty, a crew of specialized operating personals accompany them. This team includestechnical guide, swimand diving expert, a life guard and group digital photographer with underwater camera.To begin the session, a proper wetsuit should be present. The sessions include swim with whale sharks, snorkels, water photography and other water games etc.

Exmouth whale shark tour

A spectator can imagine action packed while travelling with whale sharks in water at Exmouth. However, in real the experience for Exmouth whale shark tour and swim is sooting and relaxing time.Exmouth tour is water wonder for the variety it holds in marine life. The whale sharks are available everywhere in large water bodies but Ningaloo and Exmouth are considered the best as the population of whale sharks is high and easily accessible at the coast.

A good Exmouth whale shark tourmustinclude an easy and comfortable transport service from departure point to venue. A fully trained professional guide and swimmer team, long swim session with the whale sharks, luxury celebrations and food, water games and activities adds beauty to the special evening.The tour also has certain shortcomings of individual’s age, high advance bookings, limited swimmer capacity at a time, and kids as passengerscan create problems.


Companies have been working for over 2-3 decades in swim with whale shark business. Ningaloo and Exmouth are areas popularly known for serving good swimming time with whale shark and a visual tour of the port. Swim with whale sharks at Ningaloo reefand Exmouth whale shark tour are unforgettable experiences of one’s life.Apart from the swim, both these places are ideal for boating, surfing, snorkelling, rowing, jet skiing etc. enhancing the effect of the tour. For more details visit here

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